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FAW-VW high speed automatic stamping line handed over
Data:2017/9/13 14:59:00       Click:105810



On 8th September, JIER's high speed auto stamping line at FAW-VW Qingdao plant has successfully completed 6 shifts of test with 97.97% utilization rate and 96% functional verification.

German manager Daniel at FAW-VW Qingdao plant expresses his appreciation for the project team for good communication between two parties and JIER's efficient solving of all problems. Chinese manager Dong Jingwen says project team is very confident with very clear target, and very experienced with all lessons learnt from other VW projects such as Chengdu and Changsha. This is the key to success. This great ending of the project is also a terrific gift to the 80th anniversary of JIER's foundation.

This high speed auto line consists of one tandem stamping line of 8100 ton and one tryout press of 2100 ton. Through the whole process of installation and commissioning at FAW-VW Qingdao plant, JIER's lean management, consistent improvement and quality completion of tasks on schedule earn full affirmation from the customer.
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